Moesha Chose Young Energetic Men Over Potbelly Sugar Daddies


Actress Moesha Bodoung has chosen Young energetic looking men over potbelly men.

In what was a trending picture over the weekend, a group of young body builders were matched against rich looking men like Ofori Sarpong and Despite.

This picture generated series of reaction online with most young ladies stuck between making a choice.

In making her choice under the post of blogger Zionfelix, Actress Moesha said she would choose the young men over the aged because the young men will equally grow to become like the rich people as captured below in the picture.

The interesting twist to her choice is rather because in somewhere 2018, Moesha in speaking to CNN Christine Amanpour revealed that she had a sugar daddy who takes care of her expenses.

Even though she has recently admitted she was “childish” at the time to have said that, maybe this her choice on social media confirms her change of min with respect to men.

Below is her exact response.

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