Moesha needs Medical Attention as soon as Possible- Gospel singer has said


Cwesi Oteng has said if the recent video of Moesha looking unkept is anything to go by, then her family would have to step in to give her the needed medical attention as soon as possible.

He said this as a comment under the viral videos of Moesha sitting telling people how they have to live to please God because there is more to live than people see.

Moesha Boduong announced weeks ago she has repented, this led her to delete almost every picture or video from her Instagram page.

She was seen at some point going to church and even crying while singing and praying.

The worry is about her recent video, the beautiful socialite looked unkept as some have said she attempted suicide by trying to jump from a high rise building.

Cwesi Oteng said if she’s not acting a movie then her family should step in because all does not look okay with her.

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