Moesha Nearly Jumped A Storey Building , Akuapem Poloo Reveals Source Of Trending Video , Calls On Celebrities And New Church Members To Help Her


Rosemond Alade Brown has said per the recent video of colleague Moesha Boduong, there could be more to she repenting than people are seeing.

She has called on her friends and all persons around her to keep an eye on her to make sure she is in safe hands because she has gone through a lot.

Since Moesha announced she has repented from her old ways, there are series of rumours attached to her conduct.

Some have attributed it to she having a mental breakdown but Akuapem Poloo has said even if she would have to volunteer to stay with her for a year she’s ready to do that because the state she saw her video last night wasn’t a good one.

A video of Moesha Boduong yesterday talking to others is raising questions about whether she is okay.

Other reports attached to the video suggest she attempted jumping from a roof to commit suicide but was saved by those around.

People have since been asking those closed to her to keep eyes on her in case she is depressed.

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