Mom horribly kills two years old twin daughters and slains the oldest in addition; husband totally in shock


The name mother is not given, it is earned. it takes nine solid months for an expectant woman to deliver safely and for her to kill all of her children within some few minutes without mercy and compassion is extremely obnoxious and inconceivable.

This is the story of a doctor who many believe is deranged, has allegedly killed all of her three children in their home located at New Zealand within few weeks of resettling in the country from South Africa.

The orthopedic doctor, Laura Diakason who is 40 years of age killed her twin children: Maya and Kayla who were just two years of age and proceeded to add the eldest, Liane who is 6 years of age.

The whole horrible incident took place in the Timaru suburb precisely Parkside on Thursday. The perpetrator was charged with manslaughter and due to appear in court on Friday. Both parents of the slain children are doctors and Graham Dackason, the husband who is also an orthopedic surgeon is really flabbergasted at the turn of events.

He disclosed that the bodies of his infants were discovered around 10:00 pm in the evening upon returning from work on Thursday. Her wife who many suspect of being mentally ill was taken to a close Timaru hospital for treatment but upon further checks it was revealed that she was 100% normal and was in a solid state.

According to Police detective Scott Anderson, the incident is an isolated one and assured the community of not pursuing any individual associated with it. The husband is believed to have said “did this really happen” in awe as he shouted for  assistance from neighbors upon seeing the mutilated bodies of her children.

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