Moment Fella Makafui expresses her undying love for Medikal


We just remembered the Moment actress, Fella Makafui expresses her undying love for Medikal back in 2020.

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In a post, Fella Makafui revealed that she will still choose Medikal If it happened that she died and still come back to life again.

In her words, “If I die wey I come back to this world, I still go choose you @AMGmedikal”

Moment Fella Makafui expresses her undying love for Medikal

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Fella Makafui and Medikal got married and gave birth to Island, their daughter.

They’ve been living happily as couples until the ending of last year where their bond has been questionable.

Their divorce rumours started to spread across the internet and they denied having those issues until recently.

Fella Makafui and Medikal are currently facing marital problems over infidelity issues from the husband. She blocked Medikal on social media.

According to Medikal, they’ve been living in the same house but sleeping in different rooms.

Medikal said in a post on X that, he doesn’t feel heartbroken by the separation that they’re going through right now but he can say that he’s disappointed.

Medikal went on to say that he has no regrets as well and lessons learned.

He added that a lot of men go through domestic violence because he alleged that he suffered same from Fella Makafui.

Fella however released a statement denying most of the things said by her enstrange husband.

The question is, what has changed?