Moonchild Proposes To Girlfriend Gontse More.


Moonchild Sanelly, set to propose to her girlfriend Gontse More, on her reality tonight.

Moonchild is a South African musician and reality TV star, known for calling her fans, ‘Boo Beams’.

She has made it known to everyone that she is going to propose to Gontse More on, ‘Moonchild Sanelly Woza’, her reality TV show on MTV tonight at 9:30pm.

Giving a glimpse into her relationship with her girlfriend to fans, she said this as quoted by Sunday World.

“We met at the Durban July in KZN and hung out. I got her to sit on my lap and we started chatting. decided we were in a relationship the moment she sat on my laps.”

Speaking about their plans of getting married, Moonchild said they have always talked marriage.

According to her, it is not necessarily attached to permanence by force. However, it is about how one’s manoeuvres it.

Also, she revealed how both parents and other relatives are pretty cool about their decision to get married at the right time.

“We want our wedding to be in another country. We might just go and get married elsewhere.” She added.

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