Moozlie Fails To Move the Crowd.


Nomuzi Mabena (Moozlie), a South African top rapper, left people scratching their heads when she was performing at a recent gig.

She failed to entice the crowd resulting in a very bland performance. This according to social media users who called it an epic fail.

Moozlie is known to be one of the hottest rappers and when she’s on the mic she kills it. Perhaps it was the crowd that was tough hence the cold reception.

There is a clip trending on social media where Moozlie was seen grooving to her song, which in most performances would usually allow the crowd to follow suite, but this one missed the mark a bit

The audience members showed absolutely no interest in her performance which opened for some negative criticism directed at her.

A social media user shared the clip of Nomuzi and it opened the floor for some negative criticism.

For a person who called herself the modern day Ma Brrr, Brenda Fassie, many expected her to bring the heat on stage.

“Moozlie should face it. She is just a pretty face that was chosen by MTV not the people. But we love that she keeps trying. Think should would go fucken far if she dropped all this and tried to be a high fashion model” Commented by a follower.

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