More Gist On Makamu’s Alleged Sex Scandal.


Deep secrets are being uncovered regarding the ongoing case between Bishop Makamu and the woman who alleges she was sexually assaulted by him.

Sunday World reported that the woman’s statement details what exactly happened when the alleged incident happened.

According to the statement by the woman, the Bishop allegedly fondled her breasts and attempted to kiss her.

If there’s some truth to what the Bishop has been telling, be it on interviews and statements, he was indeed asking for church keys.

However the woman, who has been reported by several publications to have been 17 years old at the time, claims the Bishop had other intentions also.

It all started when the publication reported that Bishop Makamu contacted the woman, who was working as a receptionist at his church, to meet up on the road.

He then told the woman to get in his car so he can drop her off at her place.

The destination however, lead to his Endless Hope Bible Church where the two found themselves.

At the church she alleges the Bishop made advances towards her, managing to escape, she then arrived at her place and confided in her roommate who advised her to record him.

Then came in the infamous recording which took everyone by surprise, because of the sexual sounds.

In an interview on AmaBishop show, Makamu said the recording was edited to sound sexual and that he was jokingly asking for church keys. He questioned many things including why was this exposed now a few years later.

According to the father of the lady, his daughter is apparently suicidal and that she tried to take her own life by overdosing in pills. She also apparently had to leave the church because of fear of victimisation.

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