More Heartbreak for Grand P as alleged photo of Eudoxie in another man’s bedroom hits online


Embattled Guinean musician, Grand P is gradually loosing the battle to get his girlfriend back to him as he wishes.

In A photo has made it’s way unto the Internet, Eudoxie was in her usual bedroom dress and decided to take some shots of herself through the mirror available in the bedroom.

However the reflection also proves there’s a male shoe just beside the bed in the room and it much look like the usual way someone comes home and take down his shoe and head to the bed straight.

This especially happens to men when one is stressed off after a busy day out or when your woman is already lying down there waiting to feel your presence.

From all indications the bedroom is not that of Grand P’s own and that has made the photo gone viral with claims the Ivorian has found himself a new man already just days after confirming separation from his Diminutive boyfriend.

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