More Trouble for Real Madrid as New boy David Alaba tests positive for Covid-19


Former Spanish Champions Real Madrid has confirmed their new signing David Alaba has tested positive for Covid-19.

According to a report filed by Spanish magazine Marca, The Austrian defender received an inconclusive result at Valdebebas earlier in the day, before undergoing a PCR test at a nearby hospital which confirmed the case.

This news will surely get Madrid fans worried considering it’s coming less than 24 hours after Manchester United confirmed they have agreed a deal in Principle for the transfer of Raphael Varane.

Varane’s lost also came just when the Bernabeu faithfuls are trying to move on from the departure of their captain Segio Ramos who moved secured a two years deal with PSG after failing to find a deal with the club.

Alaba will now be out of Ancelotti’s pre-season that already started on a bad note with a 2-1 loat to Scottish Champions Rangers.

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