Mother strangely hangs her two children and pretentiously calls 911; what happened next will shock you


Two kids: Conner and Brinley who is 8 and 4 years old respectively were found lifeless, hanged in the basement of their home on September 23rd 2019. 

First responders were successful to resuscitate them and transported them to hospital by helicopter but they succumbed to their injuries before arrival. Surprisingly, It was their mother, Lisa Rachelle Snyder who committed the dastardly act the same to call the police.

She called the emergency number 911 and in the  conversation with the operator, she bemoaned how her son had been complained of being intimidated at school because of his weight and speech difficulty, and that he “Had made threats to kill himself but did not want to do it alone”. 

Per the mother’s testimonies, her unhappy son instructed his little sister, urging her to commit suicide with him.

The 36 years old mother was apprehended by the police for perpetrating this obnoxious crime. This mother, who stays  in Pennsylvania, is charged with of double infanticide and bestiality. 

Her two kids were discovered killed in the basement of their home. The mother initially outwitted the police by creating the false impression the kids hanged themselves but subsequent investigations of the incident revealed that the mother was the brain behind the sad spectacle.

Lisa inscribed on her Facebook status a few days after her children’s death: “It becomes harder every day, i really miss both of them and i cry everyday, with all my heart i love you so much.”

The inquiry commenced over the next few weeks and the police began to find ambiguous facts. First of all, the kids were too young to have thought of killing themselves.

Strange and difficult to comprehend why children of their age would commit suicide successfully.

Also, a mommy shouting for help seems hard to discern instead of trying to save her children especially when she had the chance to. Especially when the aid team came to rescue the children they could revive them, so if they had done so earlier she could also have saved them.

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