‘This is Not right’ – Mother warned by her husband to kill newborn baby because the child is devilish; Dad runs away


Bajeneza Liberata, a woman from Rwanda, has been rejected by her husband and family, and is currently soliciting for funds to seek immediate medical care. Doctors didn’t even notify her what the circumstances that led to what  the baby is hurting from.

The mother has spent numerous days abandoned in a Rwandan city after her husband rejected her for giving birth to a strange child.

The eccentric dad warned his wife to kill their newborn child because it had been begotten by the Satan. She delivered in a city in the central African country and used several days stranded after her partner bolted.

She had done an incredible thing to refuse her husbands request and she has given birth to several kids before this unfortunate one.

The father has vowed never to accept responsibility for his son because it’s looks horrible and resembles Satanic creation. The inhabitants are also adding insults to injury by labeling the child as a a demonic one.

Bajeneza has been striving to care for herself and her son with no support from the hospital.

She posited  “This baby was born like this, people call him an alien because of the way he looks, his mother was abandoned by his father when his eyes landed on the baby at first sight.

She toils with him each and every day, she moved moved to the village and left her other children on their own in the city, to come to this village and seek help which she failed to find.

You can watch the video below


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