“MPs cars bought with $28m loans not free” – Parliamentary service clarifies


The parliamentary affairs of Ghana has clarified that cars intended to be purchased for Reps Parliament will not be done for free.

Just Yesterday, News came out that the minister of Finance has tabled a loan agreement of $28 million that will be used to purchase new vehicles for all the 275 members in Parliament.

This has not gone down well with Citizens who are wondering how the transport of Parliamentarians has become a burden to Tax Payers despite the many challenges ongoing in the country.

With all fairness, it’s understandable how this looks total nonsense to Ghanaians considering there are hospitals that lack common facilities to make heath system a little better not to talk of the insulting manner in which education in some communities is currently.

The massive debate and social media clashes has caught the attention of the law makers and came out quick to make the citizens understand the terms involved in the $28m cash loan.

According to a statement signed by the director of public affairs, the cars even though will be bought by the 28m United States dollar loan secured by government, will be paid back by all the MPs during their term.

Full statement below:

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