My girlfriend wants me to use my parents for money ritual So i Can spend the money on her– Man reveals


People do things when they are in love as crazy as some seem but that never stops others from doing other things similar.

A distraught man has taken to social media to cry out over the diabolic request his girlfriend made of him so he could become rich and take care of her needs.

According to the guy, his girlfriend encouraged him to sacrifice his parents for money.

While narrating the story, he shared a voice note of his girl telling him that things won’t work well because of his financial status and there will be the need for him to sacrifice his parents for money.

She then goes on to compare him with his mates who are indulging in fetish practices and other quick means of making money  just to make money and encourages him to adopt their lifestyle so that he too, can have money and eventually be able to take care of her.

The voice note was accompanied with the caption,

“My girlfriend told me to use my parents 4 money ritual because I can’t provide for her needs and threatening to leave if am not serious with her advice”


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