My Haters think My girlfriend is a gold digger but truth is she has never asked me for money before, I rather take her money- Michael Blackson says as he propose to his Girlfriend


Comedian Michael Blackson has said he would be getting married soon to his girlfriend Rada.

Blackson and Rada a few weeks ago announced their breakup but had to patch their differences to get back as lovers.

The Comedian has made many public appearances with Rada almost everywhere he goes.

In giving a clue why he decided to stick to Rada, Michael Blackson said Rada gives him peace of mind and has been the one behind him as a supportive woman.

He further stated many of his haters think Rada is after his money and thus a gold digger but she has never asked him for money as she’s an independent woman who works for her own money.

Appearing in an interview with his Girlfriend, Michael Blackson Went down on his knees to propose to her to marry him.

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