“My heart bleeds”; Sad news hit Angel Fm Nana Yaa Brefo as she express excruciating pain


To say it out loud sounds like some awful plot twist in a dramatic movie, but she can’t press “pause” on this one. If you’ve ever lost someone close to you, you know that feeling of deeply hurting while at the same time deeply appreciating the time you had together. Some days the memories are enough to carry the load, but some days they aren’t.

Loss is sad. Tragedies are painful. Sometimes there are no words powerful enough for encouragement and no embrace strong enough for comfort. It’s OK not to be OK for a while. It’s OK to grieve and still feel like it was only yesterday. I know that feeling of wishing you’d said more while they were alive. These are normal feelings not to be dismissed.

Some time back in the middle of this year, the Angel TV Presenter Nana Yaa Brefo took to her Facebook account to disclosed the demise of her son’s daddy. The female presenter broke the painful news on her Facebook page with the inscription ” My heart bleeds hmmm my sons dad’.

The post was misconstrued by many media houses and some bloggers inaccurately guessed it was her present husband which she came out to explained things that it wasn’t her new husband but rather her former spouse who is also her baby daddy.

In addition, the renowned broadcaster broadcaster Nana Yaa Brefo has published the final funeral rite of her ex husband and indicated in her post” We will say our last goodbye to my only son’s dad on the 2nd of Oct he made me a mum may God keep you safe”.

Many have consoled her and extended their commiseration to her family at large.

You can view the post below


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