My love for him is unique: 17 years old JHS pupil impregnate his class madam of 38 years


They say age is just a number and it doesn’t matter who is involve in a love affair, so long as they are ready to mingle then they are free to go. But in the African settings, it is somehow weird to get married to somebody who is much older than you not to even talk of a class teacher.

Gone are the days when students dare not even approach their teachers but things have changed so drastically to such an extent that a JHS pupil had the audacity to propose to his class teacher and even impregnate her. In addition, the class teacher is much older than him.

According to a report from Zambian news, A 17-year-old Junior High School student has impregnated his former class teacher who is 33-years-old. The two according to authorities are bent on getting wedded to each other in the shortest possible time immediately the boy is done with school later that year.

The pupil whose name wasn’t revealed according to news was transferred from his old school which occurs to be a school ran by the government where he was in the exact grade with his prospective wife in a private school to enable him finish his ultimate exams.

The madam who knows the intricacies of the African concerning such issues took to social media to explain. She posted on Facebook “I know I will be criticized but I don’t mind because I started loving this boy, my hubby to be in 2014 when he was in Grade 8 and it’s me who has been meeting his school fees”, “My love for him is unique.”

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