‘Real superstar GOAT’- Cristiano Ronaldo’s armband which he threw away was picked up by man and auction for $75,000 to save a child’s life


Cristiano Ronaldo did the unthinkable by throwing his armband during a game which he scored. The armband was auctioned to save a life

Every person, no matter how strong and successful, had to go through some turning point in his/her life when they felt like they do not have anything left to keep going.

It is during these times when we just surrender everything to God and let His grace works upon us. Never underestimate the power of prayers and manifestatiohave

God’s love moves in mysterious ways.
He will find ways for us! You just need to have faith and all good things will happen!

One of the strangest stories in the world of football.

In one of the matches, specifically Portugal and Serbia, the referee cancelled a 100% correct goal for Cristiano Ronaldo at the last moments.

Ronaldo got angry and threw the captain’s armband and got out of the field.

The person below on the left took the badge and offered it in an auction and won $75,000.

The man took this amount and donated it to the 6-month-old baby in the picture.

She needed an operation, and the operation succeeded and she was saved from death.

Life works in mysterious ways. Some things are bigger than our imagination.

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