Young man says Goodbye to Nigeria as he happily leaves to seek better life in Ghana


For some Ghanaians who underrate how other foreigners see Ghana to be, a young man has shared happy moment of himself relocating to Ghana from Nigeria to enjoy better life.

The young man from Nigeria is gaining massive attention on Twitter after suggesting in a post that he was leaving his country to seek a better life in Ghana.

He took to Twitter to announce his departure saying “Bye Bye Nigeria”

Nigeria have been very unstable on a lot of things especially in the last few months now.

From issues of insecurity to the Buhari led administration shutting down Twitter among high rate of unemployment.

Nigeria and Ghana even though not sharing bothers live like siblings and the same Time rivals.

From Politics, to football and even Jollof, Ghanaians have clashed with their colleagues from Nigeria on social media in a friendly banter.


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