Nana Addo has not backtrack on his promise to fight galamsey – Gideon Boako


Mr. Gideon Boako is the spokesperson of the Vice President of Ghana. Mr. Boako responding to the current agitations on social media by the youth of Ghana with the hastag “#FixTheCountry”. On Eyewitness News, Mr. Boako said the fight against galamsey is a process and not an event, hence it will take sometime for the ultimate goal to be achieved.

#FixTheCountry is an agenda to remind government of the economic difficulties the Ghanaian citizens are facing these days, due to what is believed to be misappropriation of the nation’s resources, unreasonable increment in fuel prices among others.

Read Mr. Boako’s response:

The fight against illegal mining is a process and not an event. You saw the commitment by the President and his government at the initiation of the fight against illegal mining. It was fought to a certain level. People expressed misgivings.”

People were not happy with the complaints. The mandate of the President has been renewed. The President has not reneged on his promise and pledge. The President has shown an increasingly renewed commitment to still fight it [illegal mining],”

These are the strengths of us as a nation and efforts that have been put in place to reduce the sufferings of the people. We just want to keep in mind that as we recount our problems, there are equally good successes that we have chalked.”

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