Nana Addo’s salary is GHc47,277, Why not Ghc50,000. What is he doing with the GHc7.00 cedis coins?; Netizens asks tough question


Akuffo Addo said there is no money so Ghanaian workers should tighten their belt thereby insulting us with 4% tax infected token but he turned around and got his already fat salary increased by almost 100%. Check it out.

When President Akufo-Addo took over the baton of office from former President John Mahama in 2017, the monthly salary for the President was Ghc29, 899.

However, the President’s salary has thenceforth been put on steroids and is now fatter, juicier and almost twice what his predecessor was earning in office.

From Mahama’s Ghc29,899 a month in December 2016, Akufo-Addo draws a whopping Ghc47,277 a month.

The new salary for the President was recommended by the Prof. Yaa Ntiamoah-Baidu Committee set up to review emoluments of Article 71 office -holders. The same Committee also recommended that Vice President Bawumia’s salary be increased to Ghc39,397 from Ghc35,816.

Juicy increases have also been awarded to Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State and indeed all Article 71 office-holders at a time that the government has been sermonizing that these are days of austerity and therefore Ghanaians should, proverbially, “tighten their belts.”

Added to the ballooned salary is a slew of perks include fleets of cars, traveling allowances and other allowances.

Also, the recommendations of the Ntiamoah-Baidu Committee include the point that the new salaries for the President, his Ministers and other Article 71 office-holders, are to take retrospective effect from 2017.

“The salaries, facilities and privileges recommended, as well as the other specific recommendations outlined, when approved, shall take effect from January 2017,” the Committee’s recommendation went.

What this means is that the Ghc47, 277 that President Akufo-Addo is to earn now, is supposed to be treated as what he was supposed to have earned in 2017 when he became President, and thus, the President will be earning some GHC 64, 000 monthly for the next four years till he serves his last.

A netizen has asked what the remaining 7 cedis coins is for?

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