Nasty C claims he is getting back pains for carrying African Hiphop on his back for so long


South African Rapper Nasty C has just sent a clear message to the world that he is the face of African Hiphop.

The Rapper is one of the talented in the genre but has always been considered second to Ghana’s very own Sarkodie.

Recently, Grammy award winning Nigerian musician, Burna Boy stated emphatically he could bet his last money on him to take on any American Rapper.

With all this arguments over who exactly is the Rap King in Africa, There’s only one person at the back of Nasty C’a mind and that’s no other person than himself.

“I am getting pains for carrying African Hip Hop on my back for so long” he wrote in a Facebook post

His message clearly explains he feels he has been the only top Hiphop musician available in the continent since he broke into the music scene.

His comment is surely going to generate mixed reactions from the entire African music scene and of course social message users.

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