Netizens launch new hashtag ‘Bring Back Our Money’ as Lordina Mahama becomes next target to refund allowances


Ghanaians are gradually proving they have being quite enough and the right time has come for them to strike.

Pressure from citizens forced the First lacy into refunding all allowances she received throughout 2017 till date and not only that. She will also not be taking any salary as proposed and approved by parliament.

Incase you are asking of the second lady, she did exactly same and that has been the main topic of discussion in the Ghanaian media now.

Sorry if you are one of us who think Ghanaians will be at least satisfied with this, they ain’t satisfied at all as they switched their full focus to Lordina Mahama, wife of former President Joh Dramani Mahama to do same.

A statement has already been released from the office of Lordina stating her readiness to also refund the allowances she took from 2009-2016 as first lady but that turns out to be fake according to her husband.

Reacting to the fake publication in the comments section of Mahama, Netizens aggressively told him to advise his wife to refund the allowances just as the current first and second lady did and in the process launched a hashtag #BringBackOurMoney

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