“Never sleep with a married woman” – Osebo revealed the serious implications of sleeping with a married woman.


-Osebo has advised his followers to refrain from the wife of another person, greediness and money that does not belongs to them.

Richard Opoku, mostly recognised as Osebo the Zaraman is a Ghanaian fashionista who rose to fame in Ghana as a result of his out of the ordinary sense of fashion style.

Aside his enthusiasm in fashion, Osebo is also known for his motivational and inspiring messages he mostly share on Instagram.

He has given some important tips to his Instagram followers today on how they can comfortably enjoy life if they refrain from these tips.

First of all, he advised men not to be tempted to engage in any form of sexual relationship with a woman who is married. He furthered explained that, it can leave an endless curse on the generations of anyone who indulge in such act.

Again, greediness is another bad deed Osebo said it can block blessings in life.

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