“New classrooms built for students given to people from Forestry Commission to sleep in”- Teacher Kwadwo finally breaks silence


Teacher Kwadwo is a Kumasi-based Ghanaian YouTuber, comedian, and teacher. After a video of him and his student went viral, he became quite well-known. Michael Owusu Afriyie is Teacher Kwadwo’s true name, and he is 33 years old as of 2021.

In December 2021, Teacher Kwadwo was sacked by his employer, Ghana Education Service(GES) for an alleged misconduct. Contrary to what the GES said, the famous teacher accused the leaders of the Education Service for conspiring against him because of his call for the rehabilitation of the entire education system in Ghana, which he thinks is wack and full of corruption.

Six months after he was sacked, Teacher Kwadwo has released the real reason behind his laying off from the Service.

Below is his reason and video.

Over the past few months, I have held my tongue over some of the things I witnessed during my time as a teacher in the Akrofuom District.

Several of these incidents I have recorded and continue to keep as a video library documenting some of the experiences of primary school education in Ghana.

Many of you do not know this, but this particular video was the reason why the District GES came after me. After I recorded this video, the District summoned me in expectation that I will delete the video. When I refused that’s when they came at me with full force.

I know that many of you in a similar situation would have kept quiet, received your salary and treated this as an ordinary job. Like the headmaster in this video, you will lack the backbone to demand better for the students under your care. There are infact so many teachers who chose everyday to look the other way, just for the salary.

For me, teaching was not just a job. It is a calling; and a profession I loved. I could not in good conscience keep quiet about some of the things I witnessed as a teacher in the Ghana Education service.

If we refuse to be honest about the problems that confront us as a nation, We will tarry to make progress as a people.

If we have any love in our hearts for the children in this country; those whose parents cannot afford private education for them; we will demand better. I was chased out of the GES because I was devoted to the truth.

I pray for the day when Ghanaians will stick up for those who seek the better for our institutions.

I believe that the time to #FixGES is now! And it can only happen if we have empathy for those less fortunate than us and our children. If we show a desire to say enough is enough!

He went on to mention high-ranking officials who were part of the plan.

They did everything possible to make me delete this video from my phone but I said no,So their next move was to frame something on me and get me sacked. The following people below are all part of the evil plan.

AKROFUOM District Director: Mr. George Sarfo Kantanka
Human Resources :Mr David Tetteh
PRO: Mr. Charles Clifford Baah
Planning Officer: Daniel Kwaku Gyasi
Research Officer: Ernest Okyere Eyison
D.C.E. Hon. Maurice Jonas Woode

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