New Fashion in Town as Men and Women now use Ropes as Tie


Every season comes with its way of life truly as there’s currently a New Fashion in Town as Men and now use Ropes as Tie.

From time in memorial, various of dressing have gone viral.

Some as they started was seen as weird but became a norm as time progresses.

Some trending picture of a new way of dressing to have hit the internet depicts men using nylon ropes as tie for their shirts and suits now.

The source of this new trend remains unknown but it’s thus catching the attention of people who are expressing mixed feelings about it.

Some have said the whole thing looks to have been inspired by suicide but other believe otherwise.

Below is the images of the trending way of dressing by men.

From the above thread, one could see it’s not just a man’s thing but ladies are also not left behind as some of the Pictures are of women using the ropes as ties too.


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