Nicki Minaj fires subtle shots at Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, warn them to stick to Dancing


Nicki Minaj is back with a teasing music that Seeing Green that featured Drake and Lil Wayne and she made some clear statements with her lyrics.

There has always been a debate among music lovers in who raps better mostly between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj before Megan Thee Stallion was as introduced into the conversation.

In Nicki’s Bean Me Up Scotty, The Trinidad born musician spit some lyrics that got everyone convinced it was a jab to her two rap genre rivals.

“These bitches time ticktocking better stick to dancing” parts of her lyrics stated.

Nicki Minaj also boldly claim in a live Instagram conversation with Drake that he is the only rapper that made her feel competitive again.

“Drake got me out of my writer’s block. He sent me something and it made me feel so competitive again” Nicki Said

This was after Drake himself admits he miss the flow of Nicki Minaj and her presence because nobody comes to her lyrical powers.

“It didn’t feel right, you not being on it. Nobody does this shit better than you and We miss your presence, we miss your bars.” Drake told Nicki Minaj

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