Nigeria to Change Its Name to United African Republic; Here is Why.


-Nigeria believes the name “Nigeria” was a colonial name and does not reflect the current state of the country

-Nigeria is looking at rebranding the country for a new beginning as some believe the name Nigeria has outlived it’s usefulness.

-The proposed name is United African Republic; Leaders believe this will put Nigeria on the right track to inclusive Development.

Nigeria is contemplating on a total rebranding by way of scrapping its colonial name “Nigeria” for a newly proposed name called the United African Republic.

Reports available suggest that the Name Nigeria was a Colonial name and does not reflect what Nigeria currently stand for.

The West African Country want to rebrand itself by changing their name they believe was imposed by Colonial masters to a more inclusive name.

One Mr Adeleye Jokotoye is leading the charge and he has presented a proposed document on June 2nd 2021.

In his defense of the change of name, Mr Adeleye argued that, the name Nigeria was imposed by its past oppressors and colonial masters. To him, the change is necessary to chart a new path for the country.

He also proposed some constitutional reforms which includes amendments in fiscal federalism, state or regional resource and taxation control, removal of immunity clause among others.

We want to see if this proposal will materialize. As we speak tension are high in Nigeria with separatist movement taking charge and insisting Nigeria should be splitted.

This has worsen security issues with abduction and kidnapping on the rise coupled with the insurgence of Boko Haram and other bandits and gunmen.

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