“Nigeria was once a country” – Disappointed Davido says


– Davido is not happy with the current state his motherland Nigeria has found itself in now.

– He cast his mind back to times where the country rubs shoulders with some developed ones.

– His disappointment follows the suspension of Twitter usage in the country.

The direction Nigeria is heading towards now is heavily attracting worrying expresses from the country’s influential Personalities.

From Police Brutality to the high cost of living, not to talk of the worrying security concerns, they have seen it all within the last few months.


Days ago, Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed said government officials decided to suspend Twitter because the platform was being used for activities that are capable of undermining Nigeria’s corporate existence.

This hasn’t gone down well with Davido and he made that known stating the Country was once a good place to reside but currently has no idea where it is heading to.

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