Nigerian comedian, Cute Abiola reportedly missing


Friends and Family of Popular Nigerian Instagram skit maker, Cute Abiola has reported that he is missing.

According to a post by Comedian “Macroni”, Cute Abiola left home for work in his office located at Navy Town at about 06:00am on yesterday , 15th November 2021 and got to the office at about 7:00am or thereafter.

However he is yet to arrive home and judging by the fact that he has not spend days returning home after work before, it is believed he is gone missing.Advertisement

Reports also indicates his wife and other associates tried everything possible with several attempts to contact him but to no avail.

Since he last communicated with wife and associates that he already got to the office, he has not returned to his family and no one has heard from him till this moment.

Meanwhile there is a strong claim that the comedian has been locked up at the Nigerian Navy Cell immediately he got to the office.

“I have just received news that Cute Abiola is missing. If the Nigerian Navy has any information to help Cute Abiola’s family and friends confirm his whereabouts or if he his in their custody, I think the honorable thing to do would be to clarify details surrounding his detention and put everyone’s mind at rest. Haba!” Debo Macroni wrote

Till now there’s no update by the Nigerian Navy if they indeed locked Abiola or now and as to what crime he committed to be locked, no one knows yet.

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