Nigerian lady narrates how she took care of a struggling man who ended up marrying her after becoming successful

A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to narrate how he she helped the man who later became her husband.

According to the lady with Twitter handle @Girl_isBlessed, things were going on fine between the two of them until a business deal went bad and the man became broke.

She revealed that she sent him money, amongst other needs while he was struggling to get back on his feet. All the while this was happening, she rejected rich suitors who wanted to marry her.

But as fate would have it, fortune smiled on the man and he became rich and they are happily married today.

Her tweet reads; ”I met one Mr A then, he was one of the most hardworking & honest guys I ever met. He was entrepreneur just like myself.

Along the way, he raised a capital for an investment & all hell broke loose. He lost everything, even his home & had to squat with his friend…

I saw it all, we were close enough for me to know, in-fact we were about 4months in the relationship,he had proposed & I accepted before shit happened.

I had a home, food & a business, he had none. Not even recharge card, plus numerous debts,

It was so bad that some creditors would call him in my presence & he would sometimes answer them, begging & all. Lol. Shameful.

I moved back to my state. I was only in Lagos for something few weeks before his issues began.

Fine girl vibes, I had suitors, rich & average.

I ignored all. He never really asked for my help, may be he was ashamed to. I thought I was in love & that he was real & so I decided to go all in.

I started to send him money, as much as I could, feeding, recharge cards, transportation. Many well doing guys were on my case o

But here I was playing Omotola to my Nonso Diobi. He was great with words though. Lol. I felt so much peace & hope each time we spoke. This continued for about 6 months.

One day he called & said a company wanted to acquire his “seemingly failed” project. Well he sold it.

He instantly went from 0 kobo to having some millions just like that.

That was the instant he changed… to becoming the sweetest thing I ever seen. He called that day, screaming & tearing on phone, like those Nollywood movies. Lmao.

Well, He’s my husband now.

Ow, He loves his Jesus probably too much, a girl would be really jealous. Lol

This is my own experience with “Helping Men”. Lol.”

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