Nigerian pastor arrested for allegedly having Sekkx with a married woman and her two daughters.


What human sometimes do even surprise the devil himself. The earlier we open our eyes and know that wolves are now in sheep clothing, parading themselves as pastors seeking for who to devour, the better.

This is the story of this Nigerian pastor by name of Oluwatimilehin whose church is located in Abeaokuta and how he masterminded to sl33p with his victims: a mother and a daughter.

The head pastor of the International Christian Church has done the unthinkable which can be considered an abomination. He capitalize on the misunderstanding between the woman and his wife. The preacher man went for them both under the same roof.

Police statement declares that this guy who is a criminal had the affair with the woman.

Christians, listen up any body with the title Pastor who was exposed by God doing such things celebrate because God is exposing those wolves in sheep’s clothing. Don’t be weak in Faith allow God expose them.
They where not called by God they only hide themselves to disgrace and punish us.

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