Nigerian women can love you with all their heart and still marry a man who’s ready

A Twitter user has taken to the micro-blogging platform to make an assertion regarding Nigerian women and their penchant for wanting to be married.

According to the man identified as Day veed, a Nigerian woman can be so deeply in love with a man but she will leave him to marry another man who is ready to settle down.

He tweeted; ”Nigerian women can love you with all their heart and still marry who is ready”

See the post:

Day veed’s post has generated mixed reactions from male and female folks.

@michael_asah; With the exception of few, Nigerian ladies would rather marry a man with financial security over a man they love.

@ose_certified; In Nigeria, Love no be requirement for marriage

@Lilcentasuquo1; And you will still be smashing them after their marriage back to back to back issa 2 way thing na “who dey ready” na im loss Face with hand over mouth

@GeeSmallz12; Swears…That What Am Getting Afraid Of…My Girl Truly Loves Me And She Is Ready To Settle Down…But Me I Never Ready….If She See Man Wey Ready Now…She Go Follow….Now All My Investment Go Enter LatrinePerson gesturing OK

@Jane25127880; As for me i know the qualities i want in a man not your money or you being ready i just love responsible men who stands in the part of right and treat women good.

@st_adaga; Cause they are always ready for marriage even if they can’t contribute financially while a man must be financially stable before going into marriage.

@PauleChidi; This is not an issue tho, the issue is still coming back to you for time to time knacks, even when married, since you are married focus and stay one place, for where, they always want to eat their cake and have it

@kreamzy; They can go as far as getting pregnant for who they love and give it to Mr who is ready to Father …. Paternity Fraud … Just to make sure they have a piece of who they Love in their Life Forever even in absentia …. Fear Women

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