“Nogokpo won’t tolerate your Nonsense”- Chief of Nogokpo warns Afia Schwarzenegger  


Chief of Nogokpo ,Togbui Amuzu Agbodzalu William  has criticized Afia Schwarzenegger for sharing pictures and videos from her visit to Nogokpo to allegedly lay a curse on Chairman Womtumi and all those intruding in their purported intimacy surfaced online . In the video, she was dressed in a cloth and was walking barefooted into the shrine.

The  Chief of Nogokpo in an interview  found online explained that,

“At Nogokpo Shrine, a lot of people come and we help a lot of people. We don’t tolerate that nonsense she is doing because she came to the community to take pictures and videos and shared it online. We don’t tolerate it and that is why I had to tackle it,” 

Togbui Amuzu stated that  Afia Schwarzenegger  had visited the shrine yet they intend to summon all parties involved in order to take on the case. The Chief has been displeased at actions of the media personality so he warned her of the consequences.

“I have seen what Schwarzenegger has published which is tarnishing the image of the community… Nogokpo has helped a lot of people so if someone wants to come and destroy it with their attitude or behaviour, we won’t tolerate it.

“I am afraid what Schwarzenegger is doing can affect her too… with the case she brought, she has been sent back to see the chief of where Wontumi or so is because we do our cases in two parts. In some cases, you can summon and we invite whoever you are having a case with. We meet the person here so that we can ask questions. In the second part, we can allow you to talk to the shrine if your case is true,”

Link to the interview is below:

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