“Nothing broke my heart more than when Caleb said he had to deny his ethnicity to avoiding getting physically assaulted even more”-Berla Mundi


Host at Tv3 Berla Mundi has added her voice to the ongoing issue of how Caleb Kudah of Citi Tv was arrested and tortured for filming at the National Security Premises.

In his narrative on the point of view last night, Caleb said at some point he had to deny being an ewe because he suspect that could mean more torture for him.

In his words Caleb Kudah said “One man asked me how old I was, I was quite, he asked again in an attempt to slap me I said 28. He then said 28 years and you have a car. Do you know how long I have worked as police officer and I don’t even have a bicycle? Then another said I suspect he’s an ewe. He asked me where do you come from, at that point I had to say I’m from Cape Coast because I suspect they were going to beat me the more”- Caleb Kudah told Bernard Avle.

Reacting to this, Berla Mundi is outraged we are doing this to ourselves.

Issue of tribalism has been one disturbing phenomenon Ghana will have to deal with even though there has not been any tribal or ethnic fight in recent times but such divisions doesn’t bring development.

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