NPP DCE who supervised the sod cutting of a gutter, chilling and enjoying twerking from girls – Kelvin Taylor drops video


African governance and democracy is very expensive. And in Africa, we have legitimized it by the excessive obligation we put on our MPs and other political officeholders. The exgratia is nothing compared to the expenses of an MP or DCE and how much they spend to win power. Unless we change our system and stop making politics a career we will even wallow deeper in years to come.

Presently, in Ghana, political party is a second religion which most Ghanaians belong to just as they belong to either Christianity or Islam.
You may disagree with this statement, but it is a sad reality. Once you explore the cities, villages, and the zongos it becomes apparent that nationalism is dead and buried, and we are now left with the idea of “us versus them”!

Amongst these, the majority of Ghanaians wallow in abject poverty with no hope of prosperity for themselves and their unborn generations, while the political class and their families and friends enjoy an abundance of wealth daily! The 1992 Constitution Makes Life Very Sweet Like Honey For Politicians.

These huge amounts of money which are paid to politicians as part of their emoluments, come nowhere near what equally crucial employees of the state take when they retire after serving many years.

Kelvin Ekow Taylor, the US based Ghanaian video blogger and journalist has criticised one DCE in the volta region for exhibiting high incompetence and enjoying as he supervised over the sod cutting ceremony of a drainage system or gutter in his constituency.

He wrote”North Dayi DCE Edmund Attah Kudjoh Chilling with bottles and enjoying twerking from Girls after he was reportedly reappointed as the DCE by Akufo Addo”

He’s the DCE whose district Akufo Addo drove over 40 SUVs to to Commission Gutter in the Volta Region.”

You can watch the full video below

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