Old photo of Fatima and Bismarck makes netizens believe date rush is not real.


-The deceptive side of date rush has been disclosed by netizens.

-This is after an old shot of Fatima and his new date Bismarck popped up on social media.

-Netizens believe the show is scam and has been acted to deceive the public.

Yesternight was exciting on date rush as one of the popular contestants, Fatima got a nice gentleman called Bismarck as her date.

Fans of Fatima and almost every viewer of the show were happy for her as she always gets rejected by different men.

Since the show started, a lot of people have come to the show and most of them got a date.

However, some people are still in doubt if people really appear on the show to look for love and not just acting.

Their doubts about the reality of the show seems to be a fact as old photo of Fatima and her new date Bismarck pops up.

The seemed to know each other already for long time before they met just yesternight as new lovers.

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