“One of Davido’s boys who stays in his house will Poison and kill him”


-The pastor revealed though he’s praying against it, it’s something that is bound to happen.

-He was emphatic that the one who will poison Davido is part of his team and currently lives in his house.

A pastor in a short video has revealed that singer Davido will be poisoned and killed by someone living in his house.

In a simple precise message, the preacher said “I told you about one singer, his name is Davido, I don’t know him and have never met him but they will poison him. He will be rushed to the hospital, he will be unconscious and die. It’s something I’m praying against but it will happen” he said

It’s unclear how old this video is but there have been videos of pastors in the past saying similar things about Davido and how death is hovering over him.

A Certain pastor was reported to have also said he saw in his vision that Davido was shot and murdered in a night club he was at with his friends.

Religious issues remains one of the most controversial in Africa, many believe stuff like these while others downplay them but truth is many of these prophecies have come to pass and that is where the worry about this one lies at.

What we cannot confirm is that if these messages from these pastors have gotten to Davido and his team and what he is doing about it for his own safety.

Davido has proven to be an outgoing person. Many times he has been spotted in clubs or holidays with his crew and this message is one which would have his fans disturbed.

Video captured below

We pray against that.

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