“Only lazy people above 20 years still pick Trotro” Man claims.


Guy on twitter takes a swipe on people above 20 years who still picks passenger’s car “trotro”.

Unlike most of the advanced countries, the most common mode of transportation in Ghana and other African countries is the use of passenger cars, commonly known as “trotro”.

This is mainly because, the average income of a Ghanaian makes it quite difficult to own a car.

As a matter of fact, cars are normally considered as a valuable asset, far apart from developed countries where owning a car is one of the basic necessities.

Back to the controversial comment, a man identified on twitter as @malwareJ_ seems to have been privileged in life to own a car at a young age.

Therefore, he suggests boarding a passenger car when you’re 20 years and above, means one is automatically lazy and will continue to pick “trotro” all their lives.

Excerpts of his comments on twitter read: “I can’t imagine myself packed like mackerel in a tin vehicle with all the sweat and smell kai”


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