“Our generation is already paying for interests of loans our Great Grandfathers borrowed” Stonebwoy on the borrowing.


-Stonebwoy breaks silence on Ghana’s huge dept due to excessive borrowing.

Ghana can be categorised as one of the African countries being drowned with huge debt currently.

As of July 2020, the country’s debt was GHC263 billion with the external component of about GHC138 billion which was equivalent to $24.3 billion.


Now, it is said to have hit over GHC300 billion relating to a national debt of 81.47% of GDP.

Such huge sum of money owed by the country made the Ghanaian reggae/dancehall musician said the country is doomed.

“Already our generation is still paying interests owed to the foreign donors of loans our Great Grandfathers borrowed…#MoreYawa” He wrote on twitter.

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