Pastor killed his prophestess wife in his house, covered her in a white cloth


Prophetess Solution Amadi-Chris, a 30-year-old woman, was slain by her husband, Pastor Chris Amadi, after the two of them got into a dispute. Elvis Opurum, the deceased’s older brother, told BBC News Pidgin about the tragic occurrence that claimed her sister’s life.

According to him, the late Prophetess owned a school before marrying him in 2012, and because she was a Prophetess, she chose to marry a pastor in order to work out her salvation and run her heavenly race. She was having problems in her marriage with her husband, but she kept it to herself and never told her family about it. Their children claimed that their father would regularly beat their mother at night, causing her to pass out.

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When she told her family about it, the man apologized and vowed not to hit her again. He didn’t keep his promise because he was still beating her, and according to the deceased’s elder brother, their medical doctor sibling will treat and revive her.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Pastor cut her all over with a knife. When her family saw it, they immediately went to the police station to report the incident, but when the Pastor begged her again, she agreed to return to his home.

What Happened During The Incident?

Pastor Chris Amadi has been confronting his wife, questioning why she is the one in charge of her school’s administration. She dressed her children for school on the same day, and the father drove them to school.

When he arrived at the woman’s school, he drove those who had not paid their fees away before returning home.

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When he returned, they had a fight. The deceased’s older brother received a call informing him that his sister had been brought to the hospital. All attempts to contact her husband were unsuccessful at first, but he eventually picked up the phone and informed them that she was responding to treatment.

The driver who drove her to the hospital informed her older brother that she had died and that her husband had taken her home. When they arrived at their home, they noticed a mound of garments on her and assumed she was still alive.

They prayed for her and afterwards learned she had passed away. They reported the incident to the police station, and the pastor was arrested.

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