Pastors invite Jesus Christ to church, seen collecting money after performing miracles on the street


Before the foundation of the world was laid, God, in His divine sovereignty, planned to send His own Son to the cross to be our Savior. Before the beginning of time and space and human history, He took counsel with Himself and decided to bring us into existence, knowing full well that we would rebel against Him and become separated from Him by our sin. So He made preparations for our redemption-preparations that were finished once and for all time at the cross.

The heartbeat of Jesus was to finish His Father’s plan and, in so doing, bring glory to God. In other words, through His own death on the cross, Jesus would reveal the love of God in such a way that people throughout the ages would praise Him and love Him and lay down their lives before Him. So He embraced the cross and all that it meant, finally he promised to return. But as at when and how remains a mystery.

People in their desperation accept whatever is presented to them. Some Kenyan pastors who are believed to be powerful invited this American white man who has been parading himself as Jesus Christ, the coming Messiah. These preachers hired this so-called Jesus Christ into the church for them to see for themselves.

The two pastors who hosted the fake Jesus Christ and he himself(the imposter) have been arrested by the police. These preachers convinced their followers that Jesus Christ, the son of God has descended from the skies to take his people to heaven.

In a white robe with long hair, the fake Jesus appeared on the stage in the church auditorium amidst singing and shouting from the congregants.

The preachers persuaded the church members that Jesus who promised of a second coming has finally arrived and he was seen in a car waving at believers and dancing in the streets.

The white man was later discovered to be an American citizen hired to disguise himself as Christ, he later went about town collecting monies from unsuspecting and over religious people who took pictures with him. He was later deported. apprehended and deported

You can watch the video below

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