People demands action against 3 students in blackface stimulating George Floyd’s murder at school


A trio of teenagers were condemned for a ‘disturbing and disgusting’ re-enactment of George Floyd’s death that saw one boy pose in blackface with a white student’s knee on his neck.

The shocking image was taken on the grounds of Mead High School in Colorado, which the three teens attend, and posted on Snapchat.

Dozens of students staged a walkout Friday in protest over the photo demanding the teens involved face expulsion, reported CBS Local.

Many protesters Black Lives Matter signs and chanted, as they accused school officials of failing to properly discipline the teens behind the racially charged image.

The three students have reportedly been suspended for five days each.

Some protesters said the incident marked just the latest in a string of racist incidents at the school, although they did not offer further details.

Sarah Steere, a 16-year-old sophomore who attended the protest, told CBS Local she ‘wasn’t surprised’ by the ‘disgusting’ photo.

‘I screenshotted (the photo) and sent it to the principal. I was disgusted, embarrassed but wasn’t surprised,’ she said.

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