People Have Asked Me If I Get My Pants Size Or I Sew Them On My Own; PM Of DiAsa Reveals


Many factors can contribute to an overweight size. The body shaming and negative connotations attached to plus sizes really affects them. precious Mensah Of Di Asa Fame has revealed some embarrassing moments.

Before that the factors below will help those with heavy body to be confident and shun this bad eating habits.

After a large restaurant meal, you’re stuffed but then the dessert cart arrives, and you simply have to get that lovely chocolate mousse. Or you’re checking emails while nibbling on a large bag of chips, and when you glance up, the bag is empty. Does this ring a bell?

Experts suggest that environmental factors such as packaging size, portion size, the variety of food provided, and plate size might impact your eating habits more than you think. Indeed, there would be no obesity crisis if we just ate when we were truly hungry and quit when we were satisfied.

Experts suggest that becoming more aware of these reasons of overeating is the key to resisting temptation and avoiding weight gain.

“You can react appropriately and make wise selections once you become aware of the environmental signals that might ruin your diet,” explains nutrition expert

Speaking to BBC news, she indicated that people usually ask her as you whether she gets her panty sizes. This are weird questions but she is not bothered.

She also revealed that she is the type that loves to travel around the globe but her size makes it impossible. He recounted when in 2019, he won the Di Asa competition and due to her weight the flight couldn’t take her along.

Finally, the beauty queen added that she was once in a public transit and they tried to charge her for two people which she refused.

You can watch the video below

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