“Rich men are not good in bed, hardly for them to go beyond 2 minutes” – People shares opinions on why billionaires are dissolving their marriages.


Billionaires are very straight, direct, uncompromising, utility based when it comes to decision making. This is part of the reason why they’re billionaires.

They are used to getting their own ways.

Unfortunately, these qualities does not make a good relationship. But I’m scratching my head why a person would dissolve a 27 years marriage in pension age.

Well, earlier today, we shared a post on our Facebook page which talked about the billionaires dissolving their marriages .

Many of our followers have shared their thoughts on the issue in our comments section and most of their comments were interesting.

One follower wrote; “Rich men are not good in bed, hardly for them to go beyond 2 mins. All they know is business and money. There is no sex in heaven, we have to enjoy it here.”

Another comments reads; “It only in Africa people force themselves in marriage though the marriage is not working, with emotional abuse and others, and afraid of what people will say”

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