“People think I’m broke because I don’t show off” Says rich man DKB.


-DKB has sent a caution to people who think he is broke because he doesn’t show off with what he has.

-The Comedian said, showing off doesn’t mean one is the owner.

Many celebrities are sometimes exposed for showing off what does not belongs to them.

Due to the recognition and their popularity they have, some of them try everything possible to impress their fans and followers with assets like luxury cars, beautiful houses and others, but in the real life, they are not the owners.

Such fake life living is what the Ghanaian renowned comedian, Derrick Kobbina Bonnie, commonly known as DKB is claiming he does not live such life.

According to him, people think he is broke because he doesn’t show off, which means the Comedian is low-key rich.

“So because I don’t show off people really think I’m broke? Waow

Don’t fool yourself, showing off doesn’t mean ownership, most of those who really own don’t show off cos they own it already.

It’s better for people to be surprised at u than to disappointed in U. Wise up!” He wrote on Facebook.

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