Photo Of Serwaa Broni In Revealing Dress With Praye Trends – Causes Fresh Allegations


Serwaa Broni, the most popular sidekick of the moment, is still trending … it appears Serwaa has done far too much for news about her to be ephemeral.

She has, however, been mentioned in yet another scandal. Serwaa Broni was sighted in a photo with Praye, a fervent Akufo-Addo supporter.

Serwaa Broni appears in a revealing gown in a photo with Praye Tintin, Tiatia, and another woman. We’re not sure what drew them together in one photo, but we suspect it has something to do with their support for the President and the NPP party.

Praye Tintin posted the photo on his social media page, along with an intriguing caption.

According to him, Serwaa Broni had a good chance to meet the President, which most people will never have in their lifetimes, but she abused it.

Serwaa Broni, he said, has stymied her chances of receiving assistance from the President by selling such fake allegations.

He wrote, ‘We will all die oneday leaving our fame,money and all behind.. if you are fortunate to some opportunities like meeting a President, stars etc for pictures and all,dont allow certain decisions to destroy that beautiful memories, for such comes once in a million.. Let us beware of our actions that will only block or stop certain people from being kind to others. We are all free in making decisions but not free from the results”


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