photoshoot gone wrong as beautiful model is caught running for her dear life as fire burns her; it’s really sad


Life in this world is a great struggle for both the young and old. Man must survive through whichever means.
It is indeed true necessity is the mother of invention and what we mostly do to make ends meet is sometimes unfathomable.

This young model in his early twenties decided to take her photoshooting career to the next level. Thereby taking the ultimate risk.

The lady who was doing the photo shoot almost caught fire according to report she wanted a fire scene for the shoot.

She decided to light dry palm trees and the fire blaze up, leaving her to save herself from burning. Initially, few accurate shots were taken and as time progressed the fire spread quickly catching her hair.

It took the timely intervention of the inhabitants to douse the fire. She sustain minor burns and escaped what would have been a major disaster.

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