Video: Please Come And Rescue Me – Lesbian Ella


A Lesbian Ella from Nigeria was kidnapped

She was drugged and Sexually assaulted by Guys believed to be her friends

Her video after she escaped from the rapists Calling for help

Nobody has the right to judge anyone based on their preferences. Everyone’s right is guaranteed under the law, hence stereotyping and discrimination must be avoided.

Just because she is a lesbian people think it’s okay she goes through this. This is Too bad. People have to understand and be sympathetic towards each other’s plight.

For Christ sake, this is the time she needs love. The love that Christ showed to us such that even though we sin, we still have confidence that, our sins are forgiven.

This is the love she needs now. The Nigerian girl Elladeevah Ellios who is based here in Ghana was kidnapped, drugged and chopped by some guys suspected to be her friends.

In the video posted earlier on social media, the panicking young woman was heard crying heavily said “anybody watching me, this is Ella. I am with the police right now. I am headed straight to the hospital to get a medical report. Please anybody that knows me should contact me on my phone. I have been Kidnapped, drugged and “Chopped.”

She added, “I don’t know anybody and I don’t have anybody’s contact. Please anyone who Knows me should come and rescue me. I need help. I don’t remember anything that happened to me.” The young woman was truly disturbed.

Below is the video.

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