‘Police don’t have bulletproof vests but you want to purchase bulletproof curtains for parliament’ – A-Plus speaks about the bullion van robbery


Yesterday 14th June 2021 around 11am local time in Ghana, News broke that some armed robbers have attacked and killed a police officer in a bullion van at James town in Accra.

News went viral of the sad development, a pregnant hawker at the scene who tried to blow alarm was also shot dead with the driver of the bullion van sustaining serious gun wounds.

The Inspector General of the Police Service James Oppong Boanuh in a release has said the police will do everything to arrest the robbers but while at it they are sending a reminder to all banks that failure for them to provide armored vehicles for transportation of bulk cash will mean that they(Police Service) will withdraw their service to the banks.

In reaction to this, social and political commentator Kwame Asare Obeng aka A Plus has said it beat the ordinary thinking to know that while the police Service have no or inadequate bulletproof vest, Parliamentarians through former speaker Mike Oquaye at a point was asking for resources to have bulletproof curtains in parliament to protect the lawmakers.

The issue of the killing of the young police officer whose name has been given as Emmanuel Osei has been met with public uproar with many calling on Government and the police Service hierarchy to sit up for their men and being killed like fowls.

In related story, the wife of the driver of GNPC boss was also shot dead in Kumasi yesterday.

The husband who displayed bulk dollars weeks ago was believed to be the target but the wife was said to be driving the husband’s car at the time.

Insecurity is really becoming a concern in Ghana judging from the rate at which these heinous crimes are committed.

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